13 Jun

Hey Friend!

Due to being off air on Friday morning, Ryan and I decided to pick up where we left off with our Biblical Character game. Turns out the correct biblical character was OBADIAH! I would have never guessed that (considering I am still a “new believer”). With that being said, a big congratulations to Debbie of Dayton, OH!  Debbie won a ton of gifts and I hope she enjoys them all:)

On a different note, this past saturday (June 11, 2011) Todd Agnew performed at Dayton’s Island Metro Park. The Lord provided incredible weather for us and everything went smoothly. The PennyLoafers opened for Todd and they were great fun as well.

It was cool to spend time with Todd and learn about his walk with the Lord. Not to mention when he opens his mouth to sing Jesus radiates through him, It is even difficult to not stare.

Thank you to every one that came to the event on Saturday. YOU helped make it a huge success!

In Him,


P.S – This is a picture of Todd Agnew and Chris Grindrod at Saturday’s Event!


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