Favorite way to Exercise

9 May

I have been an athlete for most of life. Between the endless amounts of sprints and timed miles I have learned to love running. If you asked me how I felt about running in college or even high school I would have told you “ITS THE WORST!” But now that I am older and no longer going to exhausting field hockey practices I have grown to appreciate a nice run.

For me, running is a way of fellowship with the Lord. Through the training process I ask Jesus to get me through the pain and agony of cramps, Charlie horses and muscle aches. But when I reach the end point of my journey I am overwhelmed with a sense of satisfaction that I got through it! The next day, I wake up and my body is screaming at me but it is another reminder of what I am capable of.  As a side note, I do have to mention that after about 2 weeks I do get to a point where I am no longer in pain during my runs. By then it has become and enjoyable time of prayer and release.

Of course there are other forms of exercise that I enjoy but for me, nothing tops a good run.

How do you like to get a work out in?



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