He Loves like A Hurricaine

27 Apr

It is to my understanding that the love Jesus has for us is incomprehensible on this side of Glory.

This phrase has been going through in my head ever since Saturday night. Around 4:30pm on Saturday (while having a 24 hour stomach bug) I decided to watch The Passion of The Christ. When this film came out I was in High School and I couldn’t have cared less about Jesus (It pains me to even write a sentence like that but it is true).

During that season of my life I was living in a culture where the focus was on your personal accolades and how many you can fit into your college application. My whole world consisted of just ME.

I clearly remember watching this film at the cinema with my mother, sister and my sister’s friend . The only thing I thought while watching this movie was, ” Wow , that looks like it hurt….alot”.  Needless to say, the depth of my love for Christ was shallow and near non-existent. It saddens me to admit this but I am quickly reminded of what the Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: the old is gone, the new has come!” (NIV)  If anyone knew what this transformation felt like it was Paul! However, I can attest that when I accepted the Lord into my life it was just as powerful. The person I was and the person that I am now are entirely different…

And that is why I thought watching this film again would be a great idea.  Having the knowledge of God’s Word makes the impact more stimulating. But more than anything else, watching the reality (or close to it) of what Jesus put himself through to save OUR wretched soul’s is indescribable. 

 I guess most of the time when I think about Jesus, my thought process is simply… he is God . But seeing the pure humanity of his physically presence  on this Earth made my heart go raw.

After the movie was over I ran into my bedroom and grabbed my Bible. I flipped open to Mathew, then Mark ,then Luke and then John. I wanted to compare the different accounts of Jesus’s Crucifixion and Resurrection. Basically, I couldn’t get enough… and I still can’t get enough.

How much mental, emotional and physical distress did he truly endure?

Did he feel an inner peace transpired from God our Father during this time?

Did he experience anger while he was spat on and made fun of?

All of these questions blow through my mind as I think about my Jesus hanging on that old  rugged cross. But there is one thing I don’t ever question. …Jesus’ love for us is far greater than any physical pain he experienced on the Cross.  And for that, I am eternally grateful…. even on this side of Glory:)

Shine Bright


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