Lost & Found & Perhaps to Go around?

6 Apr

Good Monday Morning!

Ryan enjoys finding things when hiking in the woods, I prefer finding the belongings I have lost. If your like me it feels like Christmas Morning all over again.

Today during the morning program I talked about the time I went to visit my sister in college for family weekend. I opened up her closest door to find all of my favorite clothes. While enraged at the sight I was also happy that they weren’t lost for good.

Sisters have a special love hate relationship especially during the teenage years. I can recall many-A-Time where I got a physical beat down from my older sister due to taking things that didn’t belong to me.

Recently, I had an experience that reminded me of such a situation. However, the outcome was much different. God made sure that I lost this possession in order for someone else to find it.

About 2.5 years ago (around the time I got saved) I read the famous book “The Shack”. This particular copy of the book was very special to me because the couple who had discipled me (the grindrods) wrote a special note on the inside cover. This book was monumental in my spiritual growth and a sentimental momento of my Christian beginnings.

Well at any rate, about 7 months ago I received a text message from my older sister saying she just finished reading the Shack and that she found in my room back in CT. She said she loved the note in the front cover, so I knew she was talking about that particular copy of the book. Bottom line of this story is that my sister has just joined the Mormon Faith where they don’t believe In the Holy Trinity. And I quote my sister “Caroline after reading the Shake I totally understand what the father the son and the holy spirit means!”

Fast forward, my sister has not left the Mormon Church but at least a seed of truth has been planted!!

I know the Lord wanted her to read MY copy of that book. I had been looking for it high and low all over my house and it was driving me nuts!

Nevertheless, I have to say that I can’t be any happier that I lost that book and that it ended up in my sisters hands. I hope the next person who stumbles upon it will be touched by the Spirit of Truth. As for my sister, I don’t know where she is at with her relationship with Christ but I pray that A seed was planted.

I hope to loose enough things in my life so people can benefit from things which have served to bring me closer
to the Lord.

Totally in love with Jesus,


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